Program and Events

Friend’s Night:  Held every Thursday night, 7-9pm

Friend’s night provides the opportunity for people to keep in contact with like-minded people, on a regular basis.  It is open to anyone who wishes to visit the Centre.  Evenings include meditation, refreshments and then discussion/Dharma study.  We also hold traditional Buddhist devotional practices a couple of times a month.  The program can be found in the monthly Newsletter.

Women's Meditation:  Held weekly on Tuesday mornings, 10am-12 noon.

These sessions are open to women who wish to meditate with others.  Women may either be new to meditation or be experienced meditators - general guidance is given.  Participation is by prior arrangement. 

Contact Maree for more information: phone 0432 552 305.


Weekend residential retreats are held several times a year. They are held at a retreat centre just outside of Toowoomba. These events offer the opportunity to deepen one's meditation practice and understanding of the Dharma. 

Day retreats are held from time to time at the Toowoomba Buddhist Centre, at a retreat centre or at other venues in the region.

Study Courses:

For more information, see the Courses page.

Eight-week, introductory courses in Buddhism and traditional Buddhist meditation are held four times a year.  A seven week day-time meditation course can be offered, as needs arise.  We also run short courses and workshops from time to time, exploring different aspects of Buddhism and meditation and its relevance to our lives today.

Introducing Buddhism:  This 8-week course will introduce you to the core teachings in Buddhism shared by all traditions. Held on alternating Monday and Tuesday nights, generally starting the second week of each school term, 7-9pm.

Traditional Buddhist Meditation and Mindfulness:  This 8-week course introduces you to two traditional meditation practices, which help develop greater clarity, tranquillity and emotional positivity, and how the mindfulness developed in them is applied in everyday life.  Held on alternating Monday and Tuesday nights, generally starting the second week of each school term, 7-9pm.

Lets Meditate:  This 4-week course introduces the basic theory and practice of meditation and helps participants establish, develop and maintain a meditation practice.


A monthly Newsletter is available via email or surface mail, upon request. 

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